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Vista Media Center Can't minimize if maximized?

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Hi I was wondering if anyone had any advice for minimizing a maximized vista media center window. If its not maximized and just in a window I can minimize it just fine. But something about it being full screen won't let me minimize it.(I'm working on automating dvdfab hd decrypter from vista media center and I need to minimize media center if some dialog boxes happen to pop up so you can see if maybe the disc is not readable or a folder with the same name is already there)

A side question related to this script I'm writing is there a way to have the script continually check for dialog boxes from dvdfab and dvdfab alone? Not a big deal I'm going through and trying to make any kind of window I can pop up so I can get the window information and then handle it but if I could know when any window pops up and then be able to analyze the window it would be nicer as all but one window needs attention so I could just check for that one window I can click enter on and in all other cases have it minimize media center to see the status.

Thanks I appreciate any help

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AutoItSetOption("WinTitleMatchMode", 4)

Run("C:\Program Files (x86)\DVDFab HD Decrypter 4\DVDFabHDDecrypter.exe /SRC ""D:\VIDEO_TS\"" /DEST ""E:\MOVIES\"" /START /CLOSE")

;ShellExecute("C:\Program Files (x86)\DVDFab HD Decrypter 4\DVDFabHDDecrypter.exe", "/SRC ""D:\VIDEO_TS\"" /DEST ""E:\MOVIES\"" /START /CLOSE", "", @SW_MINIMIZE)

While ProcessExists("DVDFabHDDecrypter.exe")

if WinActive("DVDFab HD Decrypter", "Do not show again") Then

$handle = WinGetHandle("classname=ehome", "")

WinSetState($handle, "", @SW_MINIMIZE)





I also tried it the way it is with WinTitleMatchMode set to 2 as thats what the manual says is a partial match I tried 4 because I see that in alot of scripts around here. I've also tried it without the classname= part. I have also tried it with ehshell in place of the ehome and just windows media center in place also.

I actually just right now am thinking maybe its not working because I have media center full screen and so I guess winactive won't ever see the dialog box pop up and become active? Is there a way around that. I don't want dvfab to have to be active the whole time as its a media center and people use it for movies and music and games and such. Is there another function like watch for window or something?

Thanks sorry I didn't post the script before I didn't think about it.

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Ok so it was the fact that when I switched back to media center the window wasn't getting flagged as active when it popped up. So I tried WinExists and it finds my window when it pops up and minimizes media center just fine. Now I just have to go through and try to make sure I catch all the different error boxes that can pop up.

Is there a way to make it check for all new dvdfab hd decrypter windows instead of me trying to get check information in each possible pop up window? WinExists doesn't support the instance paramater that I can see.

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