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Anvil Studio help :)

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I'm trying to do a script to change track names in anvil studio (free fersion). I'm using the latest beta on xp sp2.

After I load the mid file I need to left click on the track name control. This should not be difficult, but I can't get it to work :)

I tried to use $pos=ControlGetPos("{ACTIVE}","","ThunderRT5PictureBox3") and $pos=ControlGetPos("{ACTIVE}","",43) but when I MouseClick("left",$pos[0]+25,$pos[1]+25) I get an error (subscript used with non-array variable). The @error is set to 0 so the $pos variable should contain data. If I try to _ArrayDisplay($pos) I get nothing :)

Probably it's a dumb error but I can't figure what is it... As now I'm using absolute coordinates to move the mouse but it's not a clean solution.

Another question about the "strange" ThunderRT5PictureBox control... Is it possible to count (and loop) through all the lines in it ? I have no ideas on how to do this as it's not a standard windows control



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