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Noob Advanced Memory, Resource and Control Reading

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I've moved this post to a more appropriate category. Sorry developers.

I need to be able to monitor and understand what a basic gdi app is doing. There is an app (written in VB) that at loadup, loads all its resources like bitmaps to memory. Probably about 200 .bmp files. Throughout the execution of the app it loads different .bmp files (from memory NOT the filesystem) at different times on different regions of the screen. I would like to be able read what it is displaying. The bitmaps always display at the same position of the active window. If there was a way I could grab a rectangular portion of the window and compare it with a bitmap on the filesystem, I'll then know what image is being displayed. I've used auto-spy but it doesn't give me any info on the bitmaps being displayed and if it does, I don't know what I'm looking at/for.

I hope this makes sense. Any suggestions or links to docs would be highly appreciated. I'm new to AutoIT but I've read all the docs thus far I could find.

Many Thanks!

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If you know each and every .bmp you can set a comparison.

These functions provide help to read the screen. I personally think they are useless unless your making an aimbot or such. Look these up in the help .chm included with your autoit package:




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