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Does AdLib only have only one instance of itself running at all times?

Let me clarify. If I do this...........

;;do some things;;
;;do some things;;

will Adlib do Func1 until it hits the "AdlibEnable("Func2()") command then it will stop doing Func1 and start doing Func2 until it reaches the AdlibDisable() command


will Adlib do Func1, then when it hits the "AdlibEnable("Func2()") command it will do Func2 as well (so both Func1 and Func2 are being executed simultaneously) until it reaches the AdlibDisable() command?

What I want to do is have a function that makes the Progress bar scroll continuously from 0% to 100% (like Jon's demo) while installing some stuff, but also check for the WinXP unsigned driver warning. I could put it all in one Func, but would like the "Close the unsigned driver warning" function as seperate since it is Adlibbed in other places.


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Only one adlib function at once. But there is nothing to stop you doing lots of clever things in your adlib function (or even having it call other functions) to cater for lots of different cases.

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