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Icons in my script

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I Use 3 icons in my AutoIT Script and I Would these icons as a part of my Exe

How to make Built-in Icons, and how to change in my self executable script file ?


= X.exe with 3 Icons

How to do this ? and switch icons in my script.

Thank for replies.

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In Scite press Ctrl+F1 and go to Extra utilities/Autoit3Wrapper

#AutoIt3Wrapper_Res_Icon_Add=C:\Program Files\AutoIt3\Icons\au3.ico

#AutoIt3Wrapper_Res_Icon_Add=C:\Program Files\AutoIt3\Icons\filetype1.ico

#AutoIt3Wrapper_Res_Icon_Add=C:\Program Files\AutoIt3\Icons\filetype2.ico

#AutoIt3Wrapper_Res_Icon_Add=C:\Program Files\AutoIt3\Icons\filetype3.ico

#AutoIt3Wrapper_Res_Icon_Add=C:\Program Files\AutoIt3\Icons\filetype-blank.ico

#include <GUIConstants.au3>

GUICreate("Demo resource ICO's")

$h_Button1 = GUICtrlCreateButton("my picture button", 10, 20, 40, 40, $BS_ICON)


For $x = 0 To 7

   $rc = TraySetIcon(@ScriptFullPath, -$x)

   $rc2 = GUICtrlSetImage($h_Button1, @ScriptFullPath, -$x)

   If $x < 3 Then

      TrayTip("Default ico:" & $x, "TraySetIcon rc:" & $rc & @LF & "GUICtrlSetImage rc:" & $rc2, 3)


      TrayTip("New ico:" & $x, "TraySetIcon rc:" & $rc & @LF & "GUICtrlSetImage rc:" & $rc2, 3)





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