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Guest GRonken

How do I insert a varable into a send statement to send. I did it in

version 2 ...

;Enter the File name

Send, %Filename%

Now I?

EnvSet("FileName", "charges_@YEAR@MON@M...")

;Enter the File name



Thanks in advance

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You can now call out variables directly



$filename = InputBox("Question", "Whatfilename?", "", "", -1, -1, 0, 0)

or say

$FileName="charges_" & @YEAR & @MON & @MDay & ".txt")

edit ... enclose text in quotes, leave variables and @ macros ourside with &

AutoIt 2 you could put inside like PhP, AutoIt3 you have outside like VB.


V3="Charges_" & @YEAR & ".txt"

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Don't forget about send's optional flag: Send($filename, 1)

in case your filename contains ! or + or ^ or #.

Note, by setting the flag parameter to 1 the above "special" processing will be disabled. This is useful when you want to send some text copied from a variable and you want the text sent exactly as written.

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