This is a full HTTP server written in pure AutoIt. No external libraries are used. The server code is readable and very simple to modify.

Abilities: A full web server in a single executable. Able to integrate the web pages into your source code and modify its contents with code. ( This is how the first web pages were build ) The ability to send a page with over 1000 images in under 5 seconds. Fully compatible with both Firefox, Internet Explorer 6 through 9, Chrome and Safari. Nearly every line is commented. It helps you understand the code easily, so that you may reuse it and add on new code with ease. GET, POST are both supported and even cookies and sessions are supported This is intended to be a base for any future projects that provide any service over HTTP. Three different servers give you the base code that you need, and nothing you won't need. In the download there is included a short guide on how to choose the right one.

BrettF has done some awesome work and added to capability to retain sessions in this post: >
If you need sessions, you can use his version. This version is added in the above v1.1 download. Edit: Please find the webserver attached to this post. You guys keep eating my bandwidth and I had to move it again.