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Is the possible with AUTOIT?

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I'm new to AUTOIT I was advised to look at it from someone from the SQAForum (QA and testing forums)

I'm attempting to start a new website service producing online photography portfolios and was wondering how much of the work I can automate.

I've drafted a loose outline of the project and as wondering if AUTOIT can perform these types of Tasks?

Production Process Outline

This goal for this project in its most basic form is to automate a process of photo batch processing. Using ftp, windows operating system and Adobe photoshop automation droplets.

The purpose is to try to automate the processes required to resize photographes in order for them to be placed inside of a flash application that forms a portfolio micro website.

What are the main problems faced:

Once images have been received how are they going to trigger the scripts

Duplicating, Re-naming, Resizing and saving the images

Editing the xml file to tell the flash application how many images there are and what are their sizes.

Uploading all of the files to the websites space and notify the customers that the site is ready.

Draft Plan:

Firstly there must be a way of notifying the scripts that the customer has uploaded their images.

Can this be an email arriving in a designated inbox triggering a script to start processing?

Ideal situation:

Once a payment has been confirmed the customer will be sent a link to our upload webpage.

Once they have reached the upload screen there will be a requirement for them to upload all of their images. They will need to confirm that they have uploaded all of their images and are happy for the portfolio site to be created.

This confirm button would then trigger another function or email which in turn is being waited upon by a script.

The trigger would need to have information within it that tells the script where on the server the new customers images have been saved to.

Once the trigger device has been received a script would run, that logs onto the ftp

And downloads an xml file onto the desktop. The xml file will hold customers details and will be used to direct the script to create a number of folders on the hard drive in which to save files into for batch processing (resizing and web optimization).

Once these folders have been created the script proceeds to download all of the images into a root folder called originals this folder has a copy taken and saved with a new name of archive. (incase there are any problems)

Then the script will sort the original images based on their orientation into two folders

One called landscape and the other portrait.

The script will then drop each of these folders onto an adobe photoshop actions droplet.

This droplet will resize the images and save copies of the files back out to a folder called


It will also save smaller thumbnails copies out into a folder called thumbs within the images folder.

The names of the files will be renamed starting from 1.jpg to however many files there are. The maximum total is 50.

The script will then update an xml file with all of the names and sizes of these files (height and Width) and save the xml file in a folder called xml.

Preferably it will also need to randomize the order in which these xml lines are inputted so that all when viewed the images are not in two definite sections portrait and landscape but that they are mixed in together.

Once these droplets have finished the batch processing of the files.

The end result should be a folder named after the customer i.e. JaneWSmith

And within that folder there will be the following files and folders:

Wallimages (folder containing all of the main and thumbnail images)

Xml (folder containing xml controller file)

Js (folder containing java script files)

Flashwall.swf (Determined by the option the customer selected in the xml file first


Index.html (webpage)

Swfobject (flash embedding script for the webpage)

The script will take a verification of this screen to check that all files are present and once this has passed will upload the files back to the customers folder on the ftp.

Once this process has been completed there will need to be a trigger that sends an email out to the customer advising them of their new portfolio url.

Process completed.


I recognise that this equates to a bit of a wish list.

If some or most of this just isn't possible. And manual intervention is required then so be it.

What I really want to know how much of it is possible through AUTOIT??

Thanks People

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Is anyone interested in doing this work for me and could you give me an estimate of how much you would charge for the work?

Please PM me with your quote or questions

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