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Detecting file changes in a directory

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Is there going to be an SQLite database already established, or is it going to be created for the directory watcher? I am wondering if I should have the directory watcher create the database on first run, or if it can't find the database to just create a new one.

I've already got a DB file, so let's have the watcher fail and exit if the database can't be found or written to.

Thanks :)

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I see that you looked at ptrex and arker's attempts at monitoring directories using WMI calls. I don't like the WMI method because it is not instantaneous. You should check out this thread though, we found a better method for detecting file changes that used Win32 API calls. If you are already going to run this on the server side anyway, then you could simply modify _DisplayFileMessages() (code from my post in the above mentioned thread) to update the database as necessary. Actually, if you tell me how you've constructed your SQL tables I can whip up a solution with SQLite pretty quickly. Just a thought if you want to stay with a purely AutoIt solution.

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OK, will do. The only thing that I have left to do is start building the section for the database handling.

Also, to get more detail about the SQLite database, could you zip that and upload it so that I can start working with it to make sure that everything works alright with it.

If you don't want to post it in the forum, you can send it to me in a PM.

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