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I am trying to automate Titan Poker (an ipoker client), I basicly want AutoIt to open a table for me.

There seems to be a TreeView Control, a ListView Control and some buttons, notably the "Sit n Go" and "Join Table", however no details come up in the 'AutoIt Window Info' viewer when I try to identify them. (This is not my first project and I have managed to get this info in the past.)

I used WinGetClassList and managed to get the following information about some of the controls on the Titan window:

ClassNameNN:Internet Explorer_Server1 IsVisible:0 x=0,y=0,w=800,h=600

ClassNameNN:Internet Explorer_Server2 IsVisible:1 x=520,y=6,w=273,h=103

ClassNameNN:Internet Explorer_Server3 IsVisible:1 x=3,y=476,w=623,h=71

ClassNameNN:Internet Explorer_Server4 IsVisible:0 x=630,y=177,w=166,h=295

ClassNameNN:PTIODEVICE1 IsVisible:0 x=0,y=0,w=800,h=600

ClassNameNN:PTIODEVICE2 IsVisible:0 x=157,y=16,w=469,h=141

ClassNameNN:PTIODEVICE3 IsVisible:0 x=2,y=458,w=142,h=92

ClassNameNN:PTIODEVICE4 IsVisible:0 x=2,y=458,w=142,h=92

ClassNameNN:Shell DocObject View1 IsVisible:0 x=0,y=0,w=800,h=600

ClassNameNN:Shell DocObject View2 IsVisible:1 x=520,y=6,w=273,h=103

ClassNameNN:Shell DocObject View3 IsVisible:1 x=3,y=476,w=623,h=71

ClassNameNN:Shell DocObject View4 IsVisible:0 x=630,y=177,w=166,h=295

ClassNameNN:Shell Embedding1 IsVisible:0 x=0,y=0,w=800,h=600

ClassNameNN:Shell Embedding2 IsVisible:1 x=520,y=6,w=273,h=103

ClassNameNN:Shell Embedding3 IsVisible:1 x=3,y=476,w=623,h=71

ClassNameNN:Shell Embedding4 IsVisible:0 x=630,y=177,w=166,h=295

<b>Can somebody help me get the className, handle etc of the buttons, TreeView and ListView controls?</b>

my code for those who are interested:


#include <Array.au3>

#include <Debug.au3>

#Include <WinAPI.au3>

_DebugSetup ( "Debug" )

Opt("MustDeclareVars", 1)

Dim $i, $j, $str, $ctrlPOS, $winclass, $hnd, $ctrlID

;Dim $winName = "Victor Chandler:"

Dim $winName = "Titan Poker: Nickname:"


$winclass = StringSplit(WinGetClassList($winName), @LF)


Dim $nextClass="", $count = 0

for $i = 1 to $winclass[0] - 1

if ($winclass[$i] & $count) = $nextClass Then

$count = $count +1


$count = 1


$nextClass = $winClass[$i] & $count

$winClass[$i] = $winClass[$i] & $count

$ctrlID = "[CLASSNN:"&$winClass[$i]&"]"

$hnd = ControlGetHandle ($winName, "", $ctrlID)


; $str=$str&"Index:"&$i

$str=$str&" ClassNameNN:"&$winClass[$i]

; $str=$str&" Handle:"&$hnd

$str=$str&" IsVisible:"&ControlCommand($winName,"",$ctrlID,"IsVisible")

; $str=$str&" ClassName:"&_WinAPI_GetClassName($hnd)

$ctrlPOS=ControlGetPos($winName, "", $ctrlID )

$str=$str&" x="&$ctrlPOS[0]&",y="&$ctrlPOS[1]&",w="&$ctrlPOS[2]&",h="&$ctrlPOS[3]



;MsgBox(0,"", WinGetClassList($winName))



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If all that is part of a Flash script or something which isn't standard HTML then you probably won't be able to grab any of it.

I'm not sure about Javascript...

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