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Create a delayed Window Service

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I have two Window Services and one of them is dependent on the other. Right now the second service is set to "manual" for startup type while the first one is automatic. In order for the second service to work, the first service has to reach 60000k in Mem Usage before it can start. Any ways on doing this.

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Well, i just made a little:

While 1
    $array  =   MemGetStats()
    If $array[1] > 60000 Then
        MsgBox(0, "", "OVER 60K!")

;;Program passed loop

Theoretically this must do the trick, but you can't continuously run this script. You must figure this out yourself how you solve this problem. Secondly, i'm not sure what kind of memory you want to read. AutoIt Help file shows and says the following:

$array[0] = Memory Load (Percentage of memory in use)
$array[1] = Total physical RAM
$array[2] = Available physical RAM
$array[3] = Total Pagefile
$array[4] = Available Pagefile
$array[5] = Total virtual
$array[6] = Available virtual

Good luck,


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