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How to create script move computer objects to specific Organization Unit

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Hi for all!!!

Firstly, I'm begginer in AutoIT Scripts.

I would like to create a script that move computer objects to specific Organization Unit. This script needs to meet the following requirements:

- This script will be executed after that computer join in domain.

- The script will br executed by field analyst

- I want to appear dialog boxes for completion of data to indicate in which Organization Unit the computer will be moved. Ex: Q1- What location? ( x )Sao Paulo ( ) Bahia; Q2 - Type of computer ( x ) Desktop ( ) Notebook ; Q3 - Type of user ( ) Employer ( x ) Partner.

The awnsers would result the computer object in :braskem.corp.net/Brasil/Braskem/SPO/Recursos/DSKParceiros

Any help-me in this script?



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you have alot of things you want in the program heres a start for you

1) you need to set hotkey() that once you press a certain key the script will move a file a certain area.


2)an  easy way to move files is simple mouseclick() or pixelsearch() so once you hit the right key it exicutes the mouseclick moving sequince
hope it helps
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