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looking for ideas

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here is what i got


$test1 = ProcessExists("uimsgprint.EXE")

$name= "test.txt"

WinWaitActive("Print to File")


send ("{enter}")

until $test1 = 0


what i look for is the best way to see if a file exists

so if there a flr called test.txt the next $name wood = test1.txt

and so on an so for as long as the scrimt was running

thanks for any ideas beau

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The best way to find if a file exists, would probably be:


My site for HTML Help :)[quote name='Valik' date='Oct 15 2004, 12:29 PM']Maybe nobody is an "elite uber-coder" like me because thinking is a capital offense in today's online-world?[right][snapback]36427[/snapback][/right][/quote]

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