Hi there! I just wrote a ZIP udf in AutoIt (without external files) which lets you create archives, fill them with files and folders and extract them to your computer these are the functions <<go to the last release's section and jump previous releases's posts>> ======================= Updated ======================= UPDATED 30/6/2008 UPDATED 24/9/2008 Fixed Various Bugs Added Wait Function to let the script sleep until the files havn't been zipped Changed Function Names new format is: _Zip_TheFunction() UPDATED 13/10/2008 _Zip_AddFolder() now changed in _Zip_AddFolderContents() New Function : _Zip_AddFolder() that now adds the whole folder creating a subdirectory in the zip file _Zip_Count() Bug Finally fixed UPDATED 6/11/2008 New Function : _Zip_CountAll() that counts all elements in the archive. Including SubDirectories UPDATED 28/11/2008 New Virtual Zipping Functions this is actually very cool stuff! Maybe useless, but cool. UPDATED 17/03/2009 Added _Zip_Delete($hZipFile, $hFilename, $flag = 1). Very slow but it works... It'll be improved FLAGS WORK! Here are the User CallTip Entries: _Zip_Create($FileName) Create Zip File. Required #include <Zip.au3> _Zip_AddFile($ZipFile, $File2Add, [$flag]) Add file to Zip Archive. Required #include <Zip.au3> _Zip_AddFolder($ZipFile, $Folder, [$flag]) Add folder to Zip Archive. Required #include <Zip.au3> _Zip_AddFolderContents($ZipFile, $Folder, [$flag]) Add folder's content to Zip Archive. Required #include <Zip.au3> _Zip_Delete($ZipFile, $hFileName, [$flag]) _Zip_UnzipAll($ZipFile, $DestPath, [$flag]) Extract all files from Zip Archive. Required #include <Zip.au3> _Zip_Unzip($ZipFile,$FileName, $DestPath, [$flag]) Extract file from Zip Archive. Required #include <Zip.au3> _Zip_Count($ZipFile) Count items in zip. Required #include <Zip.au3> _Zip_CountAll($ZipFile) Count All items in the Zip Archive Including SubDirectories. Required #include <Zip.au3> _Zip_List($ZipFile) List items in zip. Required #include <Zip.au3> _Zip_Search($ZipFile, $SearchString) Search a File in the Zip Archive. Required #include <Zip.au3> _Zip_SearchInFile($ZipFile, $SearchString) Search In each File of the Zip Archive. Required #include <Zip.au3> _Zip_VirtualZipCreate($ZipFile, $Path) Create a Virtual Zip. Required #include <Zip.au3> _Zip_VirtualZipDelete($VirtualZipHandle) Delete a Virtual Zip. Required #include <Zip.au3> Example Script ; Zip Example ; _________________________________ ; ; Zip UDF Example by torels_ ; _________________________________ #include "Zip.au3" Dim $Zip, $myfile $myfile = @DesktopDir & "\foo.au3" $Zip = _Zip_Create(@DesktopDir & "\zip_002.zip") ;Create The Zip File. Returns a Handle to the zip File _Zip_AddFile($Zip,$myfile) ;add $myfile to the zip archive _Zip_AddFolder($Zip,@desktopdir & "\Folder_001",4) ;Add a folder to the zip file (files/subfolders will be added) _Zip_AddFolderContents($Zip, @DesktopDir & "\MyFolder") ;Add a folder's content in the zip file MsgBox(0,"Items in Zip","there are " & _Zip_Count($Zip) & " items in " & $Zip) ;Msgbox Counting Items in $Zip MsgBox(0,"Items in Zip","there are " & _Zip_CountAll($Zip) & " Elements in " & $Zip) ;Msgbox Counting Elements in $Zip $search = _Zip_Search($Zip,"foo.au3") ;Returns an array containing the search results For $i = 0 to UBound($search) - 1 ; Print Each ConsoleWrite($search[$i]) & @LF ; Corresponding value Next ; In The Console $list = _Zip_List($Zip) ;Returns an array containing all the files in the zip file ConsoleWrite("============== ZIP Contents ============" & @LF) For $i = 0 to UBound($list) - 1 ConsoleWrite($list[$i] & @LF) ;Print Search Results in the console Next Exit Comments are welcome previous number of downloads: 1787 & a few more XD Zip.au3