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Retain last selected item in listbox

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Is it possible to retain the last selected position in a list box? I have a listbox that when an item is selected, an action is performed and the listbox is refreshed. When I do this, the last item in the listbox is always selected. Is it possible to force the selected item to be the previously selected item before the refresh?

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Here's one way. You might want to remove the line _GuiLB_Scroll($List_1)

And before you ask: The items are added to the list in sorted order, and "item10" comes before "item2" alphabetically.....

#include <GuiConstants.au3>
Global $COUNT = 0

If Not IsDeclared('WS_CLIPSIBLINGS') Then Global $WS_CLIPSIBLINGS = 0x04000000
$GUI = GuiCreate("MyGUI", 392, 323,(@DesktopWidth-392)/2, (@DesktopHeight-323)/2 , $WS_OVERLAPPEDWINDOW + $WS_VISIBLE + $WS_CLIPSIBLINGS)

$List_1 = GuiCtrlCreateList("item0", 20, 40, 120, 100)
$Button_2 = GuiCtrlCreateButton("Button2", 170, 50, 120, 40)

While 1
    $msg = GuiGetMsg()
    Case $msg = $GUI_EVENT_CLOSE
    Case $msg = $Button_2
      $COUNT = $COUNT + 1
      _GuiLB_AddString($List_1, "item" & $COUNT)
      ControlSend($GUI, "", $List_1, "{PgDn}");select last item

; Add item to list
Func _GuiLB_AddString($ref, $string)
    Return GuiCtrlSendMsg($ref, 0x0180, 0, $string);LB_ADDSTRING
; scroll lis box so that you can see the last item added
Func _GuiLB_Scroll($ref)
   Local $count = GuiCtrlSendMsg($ref, 0x018B, 0, 0);LB_GETCOUNT
   Return GuiCtrlSendMsg($ref, 0x197, $count-1, 0);LB_SETTOPINDEX
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The example sort of worked for me, but didn't work with my script. Maybe I'm doing it wrong, but it didn't do anything for me. Does it make any difference that I totally refresh the entire listbox? I'm starting and stopping services on a machine and to get the updated list of services I run a vbscript to give me the list and it replaces what was in the listbox previously. Is it still possible? Here's what I've got:

   While 1
      $msgs = GUIGetMsg()
         Case $msgs = $GUI_EVENT_CLOSE
         Case Else
            If $msgs = $combos Then
               $linenumber = Int(_GuiLB_GetCurSel ($combos) + 1)
               $lastclicked = $servicename[$linenumber]
               GUICtrlSetData($labels, $servicestatus[$linenumber])
               GUICtrlSetData($svclabel, $servicename[$linenumber])
            If $msgs = $button1 Then
               If $lastclicked <> "" Then
                  If Not _ServiceRunning ($comp[$pcnumber], $lastclicked) Then
                     _StartService ($comp[$pcnumber], $lastclicked)
                     _CheckServices ()
            If $msgs = $button2 Then
               If $lastclicked <> "" Then
                  If _ServiceRunning ($comp[$pcnumber], $lastclicked) Then
                     _StopService ($comp[$pcnumber], $lastclicked)
                     _CheckServices ()


RunWait(@ComSpec & " /c cscript //T:10 //nologo " & @TempDir & "\services.vbs " & $comp[$pcnumber] & " | sort > " & @TempDir & "\services.txt", "", @SW_HIDE)
   $services = @TempDir & "\services.txt"
   $lines = StringReplace(FileRead($services, FileGetSize($services)), @LF, "|")
   $lines = StringReplace($lines, Chr(9), "")
   $lines = StringReplace($lines, @CR, "")
   $lines = StringSplit($lines, "|")
   Global $servicerealname[$lines[0]]
   Global $servicename[$lines[0]]
   Global $servicestatus[$lines[0]]
   Global $service1occur[$lines[0]]
   Global $service2occur[$lines[0]]
   For $i = 1 to ($lines[0] - 1)
      $service1occur[$i] = StringInStr($lines[$i], " : ", "", 1)
      $service2occur[$i] = StringInStr($lines[$i], " : ", "", 2)
      $servicerealname[$i] = StringLeft($lines[$i], ($service1occur[$i] - 1))
      $servicename[$i] = StringMid($lines[$i], ($service1occur[$i] + 3) , ($service2occur[$i] - $service1occur[$i] - 3))
      $servicestatus[$i] = StringTrimLeft($lines[$i], $service2occur[$i] + 2)
      GUICtrlSetData($combos, $servicerealname[$i], "|")

I hope that's enough code to understand what I'm doing.

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The main line is ControlSend($GUI, "", $List_1, "{PgDn}")

where $GUI is the return value of GuiCreate and $List_1 is the return of GuiCtrlCreateList

Call that line after you make any change to the listbox


That's what I gathered, I tried that but when I do it just displays the last item in the list still. Thanks for your help, it's greatly appreciated.
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