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Oldie but a goodie needs to shrink and improve

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Dim $procs = ProcessList()

For $i = 1 To $procs[0]

$extension = StringRight($procs[$i], 4)

If $extension = ".SCR" Then ProcessClose ($procs[$i])


Can I make this script any shorter?

Also, I'd like to add something below it to have it give the current plaintext screensaver password for Windows 9x whether a screensaver has/n't been selected for use. (i.e.) A plaintext 1 is encrypted to become 373900 in the registry. Sure, I have utilities to tell me the current password, but what fun is that? AutoIt gets better every time I visit this site. BTW, I use version Nothing but the best. People rarely use Windows 9x anyway so it's not a security risk. Just a curiousity. Also, I don't want to hear lame answers like you can't decrypt passwords longer than 14 characters (Windows limit, will hang,...)because I've set my screensaver to have a 30 character password and it works fine and the utility I'm borrowing, until I learn how to decrypt the registry entry using AutoIt, works.


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Try this :

Dim $procs = ProcessList()
For $i = 1 To $procs[0]
If StringRight($procs[$i], 4) = ".SCR" Then ProcessClose ($procs[$i])

At least one line shorter..


If you also mean shorter in filesize, then you could

remove some spaces in your code..

For example :

Dim $procs=ProcessList()
For $i=1 To $procs[0]
If StringRight($procs[$i],4) = ".SCR" Then ProcessClose ($procs[$i])

Both examples are untested, but should work..

Edited by Helge
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