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Yahoo Messenger Status Changer (For music)

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hey guys, just messing around with autoit, and i decided id give it a shot to program a Yahoo! Messenger status changer that would change when i listened to a song (Similar to YStatusRevolution). After searching online, ive come across a way to do it, but i need to "refresh" yahoo to reflect the changes. Here is the original C code i believe

// Find the yahoo messenger window and sent it the notification

// 0x111: WM_COMMAND

// 0x188: Code 392

IntPtr hWndY = FindWindow ("YahooBuddyMain", null);

System.Diagnostics.Debug.WriteLine ("Find window got: " + hWndY.ToString());

PostMessage (hWndY, 0x111, 0x188, 0);

How would i do this?

EDIT: Didnt see the sendmessage.au3 added in. Sorry guys. I figured it out!

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