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Hi all

i am scripting a file to run the setup file for my creative webcam NX.... not the full install jsut the driver package.....

now when executed manually it opens a window with a progress bar then proceeds to ac onfiguration window for settign the flicker, then DONE!

so i've written a script that SHOULD execute the setup file then proceed to do the approcpriate clicks... i've compiled it many times but It works only when ran from the PC created, wont work from the dvd as intended i'm not sure what the problem is i know ive done everythign i can think of correct.... but it just doesnt work on this one driver setup pkg...... for some odd unknown reason....

i shoudl note though that i am using Windows Post Install Wizard to call and execute the autoit script which then runs the setup pkg.....

i know the script executes as when i run the setup file manually the script takes over and does its job.... its JUST NTO RUNNIGN THE SETUP FILE AS IT SHOULD.....

the line of code is:


ive even tried changing the name of the setup file to "setup"




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