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I am trying to make a script to reconnect internet when my connection is dropped.

WHILE WinExists ("État de IOL Broadband")
run ("dial.bat", "G:\autoDial")

how do i get it to go back to start instead of closing when it run the dial.bat?

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I have that .bat in startup menu to launch connection on windows startup

rasdial "IOL Broadband" login password

I don't understand

Run(@comspec & " /c " & "C:\shortcutToDialUp.lnk", "", @SW_HIDE)

wouldn't something like this work aswell?

Run("Raccourci vers IOL Broadband.lnk", "C:\Documents and Settings\All Users\Bureau")
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You can only use Run/RunWait on an executable file (exe, batch, com, et cetera). You have to pass any other file type through the command interpreter in order to launch the default application associated with that particular link/file type.

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