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schaduled and share access to compiled script

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I wrote a housekeeping script that launches Defrag and CleanUp and extracts some information into a log file,

I put the compiled script in a shared directory on the server and created a daily schaduled task on some client computers,

curioussly :lmao: the scripts executes perfactly for some users and it terminates for others after it started (the log exist but have only the start time), what is even more puzzling is that it's not the same users every day !

Any one have an idea what am I doing wrong or what else can I try ??



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as with anything, it would help if you posted the code so we could look it over and possibly see what functions might be causing problems "randomly"

Many of my problems with scripts giving "random" errors is when I use the Send() function, sometimes it gets ahead of itself, and skips something (it sent the keystroke or mouseclick, but too fast, so the computer misses it).

But again, if you post the code, we can review it and see what might be causing a hangup.

It might help if you look into the help files or online documents to see if there are command line parameters, so you can have it automatically do what you want without needing to press any keys or click any buttons (I know things like Spybot S&D have this, so you put in all the command options, and then it opens the program, scans, cleans and exits all on its own, skipping a lot of AutoIt code, and reducing possibilities of error)

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