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all shortcuts end in .lnk no matter what, and thats an L not I so like saunders says, tell it to delete "MyFile.exe.lnk"

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You used "GUIctrlcreateshortcut" to put it in the startup folder?

Praytell, what is this function "GUIctrlcreateshortcut" ?

Perhaps you meant "FileCreateShortcut" ?

If you did, then I'd like to you to see something...


FileCreateShortcut('C:\', 'C:\TestDir\MyFile.exe')


C:\>dir C:\TestDir
 Volume in drive C is Primary
 Volume Serial Number is 349F-9788

 Directory of C:\TestDir

30/01/2005  09:06 AM    <DIR>         .
30/01/2005  09:06 AM    <DIR>         ..
30/01/2005  09:06 AM               288 MyFile.exe.lnk
               1 File(s)            288 bytes
               2 Dir(s)   7,577,804,800 bytes free

See? MyFile.exe.lnk

So if you used FileCreateShortcut to make your shortcut, it automatically puts .lnk on the end. WinXP hides the extension of .lnk files, even if you have extensions unhidden.

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