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first script, tutorial help

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is there a tutorial that is for dummies, the autoit help file of v3 is hard for me to understand, i dont have any past experiences on this kind of thing. but anything can help.

......help plz.....ty


Hello psgame_freak :) Look pls on the Autoit help chm.files readme!And teach it self!

Then look for my Exampel code! :lmao:o:):)

Or look on my forum for great Exampels on Autoit3! :whistle:

I hope this help you Out :)

There are a few qualities needed to succeed as a programmer 

You must be willing to learn 

You must have a good attitude about it 

You must be ready for a challenge 

You must be willing to face errors 

You must be willing to think using good logic 

You must never give up 

You must learn to use resources 

You must be willing to read 

You must be willing to go through frustration 

You must be willing to dedicate time to programming. 
Programming takes time to learn. Read this excellent article explaining so
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look in the examples folder and copy those to work how you want, that will get you started and make the help file make more sense :lmao:

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