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Populate ComboBox problem


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I can't seem to figure out why my combobox control won't populate. I'm using version and it looks like that I have everything right in my code. The text file reference is a 1 line txt file with the data separated with '|'. Maybe I'm doing something wrong?

$file = FileOpen("C:\some dir here\notes.txt",0)
$temp = FileReadLine($file,1)

$cboNotes01 = GuiCtrlCreateCombo("Please select an item...", 100, 10, 160, 21)

Is there something missing here from populating the comboBox?

Thanks is advance,


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the 3.0.102 version does not have any GUI functions.....



Yeah...sorry about that. I just found that out. However, the temp value does in fact read the value from the text file. I checked it out with the messagebox, but it's still not populating. I'm out of ideas... :lmao:
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