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Trying to detect Direct CD Media

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I am writing a script so a user can backup data to a CD using the Direct CD feature, Not the built in Windows XP burning.

I currently only have access to Roxio's Direct CD which formats the CD to CDUDF. I am just wondering if anyone has other programs that do the direct CD stuff and could tell me if there is another format that I need to look for as well,



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I wrote such a program in Delphi for my own use.

One thing I noted is that when you add files to the DirectCD, the table on the CD which contains the directory structure also grows.

So, if you have 700MB exactly free, you can't write a 700MB exact file to it, because the overhead will take up a KB or so.

"At the end of each packet-writing session, UDF writes a Virtual Allocation Table (VAT) to the disc that describes the physical locations of each file. Each newly created VAT includes data from the previous VAT, thereby letting UDF locate all the files that have ever written to the disc."

from First hit on Google - watch out for popups

This is one of the best sites on the Internet. period. (cdrfaq.org)


Edit> To answer your question, I tried a small write to a potential DirectCD and if I got an error, I assumed it was not a DirectCD after all. There are several UDF implementations, but they are all supposed to behave like hard drives.

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If I am too verbose, just say so. You don't need to run on and on.

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