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Network Installion of an .exe

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Guest rudgism

I am trying to create an exe from a vbs file that I have that installs PVCS Version Manger Client from a network installation. This script -

Dim $answer, $var, $tDrv, $drvInfo

$answer = MsgBox(4,"Install Version Manager", "This will Install Serena Version Manager")

If $answer = 7 Then

MsgBox(0, "Install Cancelled", "Cancelled")



;check for mapped drive

$var = DriveGetDrive("all")

If NOT @error Then

For $i = 1 to $var[0]

If $var[$i] = "T:" Then

$tDrv = "True"

$drvInfo = DriveMapGet("T:")





DriveMapAdd("T:", "\\swnchaappvcs\PVCS 8 Client Install")

Run("Setup.exe /s","\\swnchaappvcs\PVCS 8 Client Install\")

If $tDrv = "True" Then


DriveMapAdd("T:", $drvInfo)


Produces the following error on XP SP2-

Please Go to Control Panel to Install & Configure System Components

Am I missing something? I am new to AutoIT, but did not see anything in the documentation that would not allow this.

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Something like:

Run("\\swnchaappvcs\PVCS 8 Client Install\Setup.exe /s")

or maybe

RunWait("\\swnchaappvcs\PVCS 8 Client Install\Setup.exe /s")

I'm not sure about the quote marks since the full path has spaces....

RunWait('"\\swnchaappvcs\PVCS 8 Client Install\Setup.exe" /s')

If those don't work and user has proper rights to install software (look at RunAsSet function, maybe), then perhaps you could post the original VBScript.

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