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How can I make this?

(I just write the code in general, not with the real code in autoIT :lmao:, to make it easier to read o:) )


Input your age : $age

I want the output to be like this:

Your age is $age years

so how can I write code? I have tried like this but it's not working :

GUICtrlCreateLabel ("Your age is" $age "years")

and etc..

must I create all of them one by one?

like this?:

GUICtrlCreateLabel("Your age is", 10, 10)



thx for the help...

-=][ Learning to be a master ^.^] [=-

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GUICtrlCreateLabel("Your age is " & $age & " years", 20, 100)

This will produce a label displayed as:

Your age is $age years

where $age is replaced with the input, by a previous input function...

"&" symbol displayed concatenates strings and variables.

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