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A Doubt For Fileopendialog()

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Do you mean multiple types, liek choose an image?

$test=FileOpenDialog( "Choose a file.", "c:\", "My Images (*.jpg;*.bmp)", 1 + 4 )

Or want more file types?

$test=FileOpenDialog( "Choose a file.", "c:\", "My Files (*.au3;*.ini;*.zip;*.sys)")
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I think josbe is asking how to present a second item in the "Files of type:" listbox.

In VB you can delimit the items with a pipe symbol (|) .. but this doesn't seem to work in Au3:

$test=FileOpenDialog( "Choose a file.", "c:\", "My Images (*.jpg;*.bmp)|All Files (*.*)", 1 + 4 )

I do seem to recall that an earlier helpfile mentioned how to do this, but the custom one i have for is silent on the matter. :whistle:

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Maybe josbe means multiple separate filters?

Screenshot example

Posted Image

1)  I don't think AutoIt (yet) supports the feature.

2)  Documentation does need to be improved.


Exactly like the example CyberSlug's in the screenshot (thanks for that) :angry: ...

Before to ask, I also test like trids suggestion, but is displayed in the same line. B)

Is there any way? :whistle:

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