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yes this udf allows you to put any file, executable, dll, text file, picture, into an alternative data stream of another file while keeping it functional


Function FileInStream
FileInStream($next, $nextx, $file)
$next - the file to add the new file to
$nextx - the name of the stream, must have the SAME extension as the file you are putting in to it
for example
if you wanted to include resource.dll as the file
and you wanted the stream to be rsrc then the stream would need to be rsrc.dll to properly work
$file - the file to put in the stream
func FileInStream($next, $nextx, $file)
    $open = FileOpen($file, 16)
    $bin = Binary(FileRead($open)
FileWrite($NEXT & ":" & $NEXTx, $bin)
EndFuncoÝ÷ ÚÊ-¡§zË2¢êßW²¢ì(ºWn±çâéÚ籶Ëky©ÆÛ(ø©ºÛèÇÅ觲'^¡úa¢Ú#¦°¢é]v®¶­sg'VâgV÷C·÷Fòæ§s§fö6RæWRgV÷C²

or vice versa if i included the picture in the executable

=] enjoy

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Seems everybody is getting into this ADS thing.

Pretty nice though. Mind if I add this to my _ADS func?

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With all this discussion of ADS, I couldn't help but think of an old script I made that was a frontend for the Sysinternals Streams.exe tool. I used the "type >" method to create an ADS b4, but this method performs better so I implemented it. Well done.


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