The other day mikeytown2 posted one post in HTTP UDF's thread that got me thinking if there is better (different) method to send requests through the HTTP protocol to HTTP servers.

There is Winhttp.dll that ships with windows and that is its main purpose. I couldn't find any examples of using this dll in AutoIt, so I came up with this.

Microsoft about Windows HTTP Services:
Microsoft Windows HTTP Services (WinHTTP) provides developers with an HTTP client application programming interface (API) to send requests through the HTTP protocol to other HTTP servers...
.. blah, blah, and so on...

This is an example of getting page header: #include "WinHttp.au3" Opt("MustDeclareVars", 1) ; Open needed handles Local $hOpen = _WinHttpOpen() Local $hConnect = _WinHttpConnect($hOpen, "") ; Specify the reguest: Local $hRequest = _WinHttpOpenRequest($hConnect, Default, "en-us/library/aa384101(VS.85).aspx") ; Send request _WinHttpSendRequest($hRequest) ; Wait for the response _WinHttpReceiveResponse($hRequest) Local $sHeader = _WinHttpQueryHeaders($hRequest) ; ...get full header ; Clean _WinHttpCloseHandle($hRequest) _WinHttpCloseHandle($hConnect) _WinHttpCloseHandle($hOpen) ; Display retrieved header MsgBox(0, "Header", $sHeader) Everything you need to be able to use this UDF can be found at WinHttp site.

Remember, basic understanding of the HTTP protocol is important to use this interface.

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