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Hi. Normally the default path is the current one, where the AutoIt script runs from. That's great - but, if it's on a CD and you've just ejected it using CDTray(), then you get an error about not reading drive X.

To get round the problem I used a Run("CMD.EXE", "C:\") command to set the default path to C:\. It works but I was wondering if there was a more elegant way of doing this.


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FileChangeDir ("C:\")

; this function is present inĀ  AutoIt 3.0.91 and above

Yippee! :whistle:

David Nuttall
Nuttall Computer Consulting

An Aquarius born during the Age of Aquarius

AutoIt allows me to re-invent the wheel so much faster.

I'm off to write a wizard, a wonderful wizard of odd...

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