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Anyone Have A Good Idea For This?

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Probably fairly simple but I was up all last night doing Do....Until and While..Wend statements so the brain is foggy to say the least. These are the only parts of the existing script I am concerned with.

$ini = @WindowsDir & '\My.ini'
;Read INI File
$Na1 = IniRead ( $ini, 'Source', 1, "" )
$Na2 = IniRead ( $ini, 'Source', 2, "" )
$Na3 = IniRead ( $ini, 'Source', 3, "" )
$Na4 = IniRead ( $ini, 'Source', 4, "" )
$Na5 = IniRead ( $ini, 'Source', 5, "" )
$Na6 = IniRead ( $ini, 'Source', 6, "" )
$Na7 = IniRead ( $ini, 'Source', 7, "" )

DIM $a[8]
$a[0] = $Na1
$a[1] = $Na2
$a[2] = $Na3
$a[3] = $Na4
$a[4] = $Na5
$a[5] = $Na6
$a[6] = $Na7
$a[7] = <This one is handled differently so we ignore it>

As you can see I am reading an Ini file one line at a time. In order to add items to the INI I also have to modify and re-compile the script. This should be avoidable by having it read the ini file into an array and using the count of the array to replace the current IniRead lines and to set the numbers in the $a array. That way all I would have to do is add an item to the INI file and the code would take care of the rest. Any good suggestions?? :whistle:

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how about something like this:

Dim $IniRecs[100]
$Rec = 0
$ini = @WindowsDir & '\My.ini'
; read ini entries till return value is ""
While 1
   $trec = IniRead ( $ini, 'Source', $Rec+1, "" )
   if $trec = "" then ExitLoop
   $Rec = $Rec + 1
   $IniRecs[$rec] = $trec
msgbox(0,"INI records returned"," INI records returned:" & $Rec )
; do your thing
For $x = 1 to $Rec
;   whatever  $IniRecs[$x]

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yea, quick conversion of the original.

$ini = @WindowsDir & '\My.ini'
DIM $a[8]
for $i= 1 to 7
$a[$i]= IniRead ( $ini, 'Source', $i, "" )

But I normally read this directly into an array to save from dimming, and to auto set $a[0] to the amount of parts of the array.

$ini = @WindowsDir & '\My.ini'
$a=StringSplit(IniRead ( $ini, 'Source', jump, "" ),"|")

jump=a|b|c|d|e|Froggy goes to town|g|9234234

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Quick example of InI type:

If FileExists ("configme.ini") Then
IniWrite ("configme.ini","Delay","delay",$x) 
$y = IniRead("configme.ini","Delay","delay",1000)

For $i=1 To $array[0]
$new = InputBox("Question", "Add something?", "Planet Earth", "", -1, -1, 0, 0)
If StringLen($new)>0 Then 
    For $i = 1 To $array[0]
    $x=$x&$array[$i] & "|"  
IniWrite ("configme.ini","Delay","delay",$x) 

AutoIt3, the MACGYVER Pocket Knife for computers.

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