MySQL UDFs using libmysql.dll functions: most functions from MySQL API all are prefixed with an underscore: _MySql... e.g.: _MySQL_Real_Query( sometimes parameters are chaged - read function descriptions in include file MySQL.au3 If you do not need the power of these UDFs and you simple want to use basic SQL commands, then have a look at not included: MySQL_Connect - This function is deprecated. Use _MySQL_Real_Connect instead. MySQL_Create_DB - This function is deprecated. Use mysql_query() to issue an SQL CREATE DATABASE statement instead. MySQL_Drop_DB - This function is deprecated. Use mysql_query() to issue an SQL DROP DATABASE statement instead. MySQL_Escape_String - You should use _mysql_real_escape_string() instead! MySQL_Kill - This function is deprecated. Use mysql_real_query() to issue an SQL KILL statement instead mysql_library_end - Called by _MySQL_EndLibrary. mysql_library_init - Called by _MySQL_InitLibrary. I included a fallback-libmysql.dll: yoou can include libMySQLDLL.au3 and set $Use_EmbeddedDLL=True when calling _MySQL_InitLibrary an example for XAMPP / cdcol is also included in ZIP. #cs ---------------------------------------------------------------------------- AutoIt Version: (beta) Author: Prog@ndy Script Function: MySQL-Plugin Demo Script #ce ---------------------------------------------------------------------------- #include <array.au3> #include "mysql.au3" ; MYSQL starten, DLL im PATH (enthält auch @ScriptDir), sont Pfad zur DLL angeben. DLL muss libmysql.dll heißen. _MySQL_InitLibrary() If @error Then Exit MsgBox(0, '', "could nit init MySQL") MsgBox(0, "DLL Version:",_MySQL_Get_Client_Version()&@CRLF& _MySQL_Get_Client_Info()) $MysqlConn = _MySQL_Init() ;Fehler Demo: MsgBox(0,"Error-demo","Error-Demo") $connected = _MySQL_Real_Connect($MysqlConn,"localhostdfdf","droot","","cdcol") If $connected = 0 Then $errno = _MySQL_errno($MysqlConn) MsgBox(0,"Error:",$errno & @LF & _MySQL_error($MysqlConn)) If $errno = $CR_UNKNOWN_HOST Then MsgBox(0,"Error:","$CR_UNKNOWN_HOST" & @LF & $CR_UNKNOWN_HOST) Endif ; XAMPP cdcol MsgBox(0, "XAMPP-Cdcol-demo", "XAMPP-Cdcol-demo") $connected = _MySQL_Real_Connect($MysqlConn, "localhost", "root", "", "cdcol") If $connected = 0 Then Exit MsgBox(16, 'Connection Error', _MySQL_Error($MysqlConn)) $query = "SELECT * FROM cds" $mysql_bool = _MySQL_Real_Query($MysqlConn, $query) If $mysql_bool = $MYSQL_SUCCESS Then MsgBox(0, '', "Query OK") Else $errno = _MySQL_errno($MysqlConn) MsgBox(0,"Error:",$errno & @LF & _MySQL_error($MysqlConn)) EndIf $res = _MySQL_Store_Result($MysqlConn) $fields = _MySQL_Num_Fields($res) $rows = _MySQL_Num_Rows($res) MsgBox(0, "", $rows & "-" & $fields) ; Access2 1 MsgBox(0, '', "Access method 1- manual") Dim $array[$rows][$fields] For $k = 1 To $rows $mysqlrow = _MySQL_Fetch_Row($res,$fields) $lenthsStruct = _MySQL_Fetch_Lengths($res) For $i = 1 To $fields $length = DllStructGetData($lenthsStruct, 1, $i) $fieldPtr = DllStructGetData($mysqlrow, 1, $i) $data = DllStructGetData(DllStructCreate("char[" & $length & "]", $fieldPtr), 1) $array[$k - 1][$i - 1] = $data Next Next _ArrayDisplay($array) ; Access 2 MsgBox(0, '', "Access method 2 - row for row") _MySQL_Data_Seek($res, 0) ; just reset the pointer to the beginning of the result set Do $row1 = _MySQL_Fetch_Row_StringArray($res) If @error Then ExitLoop _ArrayDisplay($row1) Until @error ; Access 3 MsgBox(0, '', "Access method 3 - read whole result in 2D-Array") $array = _MySQL_Fetch_Result_StringArray($res) _ArrayDisplay($array) ; fieldinfomation MsgBox(0, '', "Access fieldinformation") Dim $arFields[$fields][3] For $i = 0 To $fields - 1 $field = _MySQL_Fetch_Field_Direct($res, $i) $arFields[$i][0] = _MySQL_Field_ReadValue($field, "name") $arFields[$i][1] = _MySQL_Field_ReadValue($field, "table") $arFields[$i][2] = _MySQL_Field_ReadValue($field, "db") Next _ArrayDisplay($arFields) ; free result _MySQL_Free_Result($res) ; Close connection _MySQL_Close($MysqlConn) ; exit MYSQL _MySQL_EndLibrary() MySQL UDf Downloads: (including x86 and x64)</array.au3>