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Global Variable And Func While Loop

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I'm trying to think of a good user-defined function for pausing, and I cannot figure out why the following code fails this task. Once paused, I cannot unpase.....

Global $PAUSE_STATE = 0 ;1 = pause, 0 = not paused

HotKeySet("{PAUSE}", "PauseScript")
HotKeySet("{ESC}", "UnPauseScript")  

; body of script would go here

Func PauseScript()
   while $PAUSE_STATE  ;this is global, isn't it?

Func UnPauseScript()
   Exit ;for debugging purposes to test unpause function
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tried this before as well... but assumed you could only have 1 hotkey activated at one time...

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I'd cut and pasted the code that handles Adlibs and it had the same check to prevent adlib firing whilst adlib was running :whistle:. No wonder everyone said they couldn't get a puse function working... B)

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This seems to work fine:

hotkeyset("{Pause}","Start"); Initially this will start the macro
hotkeyset("!^e","exit1"); this exits the macro from memory

$vsleep = IniRead("config.ini","Delay","delay",1000)
$vjump = IniRead("config.ini","Jump","jump","")

While 1
If $x=1 Then
 send($vjump)  ; send chars defined in INI
 sleep(1)          ; Just incase $vsleep is not defined
 sleep($vsleep) ; sleep amount of msec defined in INI

Func Stop()
hotkeyset("{Pause}","Start"); changes to make Pause start macro

Func Start()
hotkeyset("{Pause}","Stop"); changes to make Pause stop macro

Func exit1()

Larry wrote something like this that works great as well:

AdlibEnable("pause"); this keeps running at all times till you exit.

HotKeySet("{pause}","pauseset"); uses the pause key to change the value of $Pause
$Pause = -1

While 1
 send("4"); this sends the number 4 key to the active program.
 sleep(1000) ; sleep for 1 second before repeating

Func pauseset()
   $Pause = $Pause * -1

Func pause()
   While $Pause = -1

It seems more that you can only have one function at one time, kinda of a funtion in a function loop. The adlib is a good way to circumvent it because autoit seems to stop what it is doing and check this. (correct me if I am wrong.) So you can see that both aproaches use the um..features of AutoIt to thier advantage. I tried to keep it simple. The adlib function works better because it can pause a script at any point, where the changing of hotkey aproach stops at the next breakpoint.

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