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Is there a way to get (accurately) the status of a file over a network drive WITHOUT MAPPING?

I have a script that deploys files to a network share on the remote C drive... i.e.

Run('cmd /c NET USE \\' & $ip & '\C$ "' & $pass & '" /USER:"' & $user & '", '', @SW_HIDE)

then i copy it over:

Run('cmd /c COPY /Y "' & $filepath & '" "\\' & $ip & '\C$\' & $filename & '", '', @SW_HIDE)

Now i want to be able to (reliably) know if the file exists WITHOUT mapping the drive i.e.

NET USE z: \\\C$ "admin" /USER:"Administrator"

the reason being that disconnecting the drive seems to lag on this machine sometimes, and that slows to deployment down a great deal....

Any other remote deployment guys out there that have tackled this one?

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