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Is there any way that AutoIt can access ID3 tags?

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You know, the tags in most music files that hold information about the artist, album name, etc...

I wan't to make a nice little formatter that would change something such as:



Queen- Another One Bites the Dest

Which wouldn't be all too hard, except the actual ID3 tag editing part.

Any help is greatly appreciated!

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There's a UDF (user defined function) for this somewhere.

Search for 'get mp3 info' or something similar.


Searching 'mp3' in the Scripts & Scrapts section got it:


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i think lazycat has an id3 tag reader, 1 minute let me look...


mp3 tag reader

i dont know if that will read it right, but if it does you can figure out how it works and modify it to write

not sure though, hope i helped

edit: dang insolence beat me to it, look at the post times

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