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- Write/type everything down you want to do

- sort it in chronological order

- Start creating the script

If you don't know which functions you need, you browse/search through the help file (available in your start menu).

If you have problems or questions regarding the functions, you post here.

Good luck.

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Really, people, WinAmp has a very large support base and thousands of ameteur scripters. By downloading various win-amp plugins you can get this functionality without having to write your own.

you can use this plugin to assist you in scripting WinAmp


It exposes WinAmp to the scripting capabilities of VB/.NET COM/ActiveX (COM support coming up in the next AutoIt version!!!!)

Or you can use this one to add hotkey functionality to WinAmp


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Hell, I'm using Winamp5, it CAME with HotKey support.

*Edit: Nice reply btw, Slim. I like to make people do their own work.

*Edit 2: I just had to add this.

What Winamp really needs now is multiple user support. Mom doesn't like the Winamp skin I use, and likewise I dislike hers, she doesn't like my hotkeys either. But even though we have different Windows profiles, the configuration files are shared. I made a wrapper of sorts with AutoIt, that copies/saves the configuration files to a seperate directory for each user when Winamp is loaded/unloaded. So far it's worked perfectly, which honestly surprised me. I figured there would have to be a bug of some sort, but so far it's been smooth sailing. I've been thinking of adding some extra functionality to it, options and stuff instead of all hardcoded settings, and maybe even releasing it on the Winamp forums.

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