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Guest robertdavies.net

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Guest robertdavies.net

Hi All,

Im looking through the forum. I cant find any small piece of code that does something simple which is...

Get input from a textarea type field (after pressing button). Then open application eg notepad, and get the original input and place it in word.

I think after that then it will be easier to fiddle with functions etc and teach myself. Just basically want a kick start.

Thanks if any of you can help me


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A little example for you.

MsgBox(32, 'Ready...', 'Text transfer example' & @LF & 'from 1 edit control, to another'); 
Run('notepad.exe'); Run notepad.
WinWait('Untitled'); Wait for window to appear.
ControlSetText('Untitled','', 'Edit1', 'Hello world' & @CRLF ); Send text to notepad.
Sleep(2000); A pause. So you can see the text.
$all = ControlGetText('Untitled', '', 'Edit1'); Now get text from notepad, and store in $all variable.
WinClose('Untitled'); Close notepad

Run('notepad.exe'); Start new instance of notepad.
WinWait('Untitled'); Wait for window to appear.
ControlSetText('Untitled', '', 'Edit1', 'Text from other notepad window = ' & $all); Send text to notepad.

; Result should 'Text from other notepad window = Hello world', in the 2nd notepad instance.


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Guest robertdavies.net

Thanks heaps guys :-)

Great product I look forward to automating a whole bunch of stuff on my pc! Maybe even building little applications :-)

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