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Retrieves the current position of the mouse cursor.

$array[0] = X coord (horizontal)

$array[1] = Y coord (vertical)

$pos = MouseGetPos ( )

Msgbox(0,"Mouse Positions","X: " & $pos[0] & " Y: " & $pos[1])
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CaretCoordMode Sets the way coords are used in the caret functions, either absolute coords or coords relative to the current active window:

0 = relative coords to the active window

1 = absolute screen coordinates (default)

2 = relative coords to the client area of the active window

Opt("CaretCoordMode", 1)       ;1=absolute, 0=relative


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the below waits until u have clicked the left mouse button then saves it to an ini file ... working in second problem now

While 1
   If _Ispressed('01') = 1 Then
      $pos = MouseGetPos ( )
      IniWrite ( "Mouse Co-ordinates.ini", "Mouse Co-ordinates", "X",$pos[0])
      IniWrite ( "Mouse Co-ordinates.ini", "Mouse Co-ordinates", "Y",$pos[1])
      Msgbox(0,"Mouse Positions","X: " & $pos[0] & " Y: " & $pos[1] & " have been save to Mouse Co-Ordinates.ini")

Func _IsPressed($hexKey)
   Local $aR
   $hexKey = '0x' & $hexKey
   $aR = DllCall("user32", "int", "GetAsyncKeyState", "int", $hexKey)
   If Not @error And BitAND($aR[0],0x8000) = 0x8000 Then Return 1
   Return 0
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i used this to click on a different window .. i tested it on "Halo" the game.... i have Sleep(5000) there so i have enought time to switch the "Halo" .. its full screen game .... and it clicked in the coordinates i sed ... it doesnt move but .. like if u do it one the desktop the mouse glides across the screen .. if u do it in "halo" it clicks instantly .. hope that helps

Opt("CaretCoordMode", 0)
MouseClick("left", 10, 10, 1,20)


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