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SAPI phoneme data

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Is there a way to grab the phoneme data for a line of text? For example,

D @ 0 k w I k b r aU n f Q k s dZ V m p t @U 1 v @ D @ 0 l eI 1 z i: 0 d Q g 1

is this:

The quick brown fox jumped over the lazy dog.

I'd like to input a string and get a phoneme string in return.

What I'd like to do is have a talking head lipsync to entered text. I can do the animation, the 3D and the rest, but SAPI stuff is new to me. The idea would be to create animations for phonemes, queue the animation sequence according to the phoneme setup, and then fire both events, so that the head would appear to be speaking synced with the speech data.

Any help would be appreciated!

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It looks like this is pretty much done, and the phoneme to mouth position relationship is encoded in Visemes. Which are helpfully denoted and automated by the SAPI already.


Progandy has a wonderful little script here that more than meets my needs. Thanks for any searching or interest, I think that the script was it though :)

For search reference:

Viseme, Phoneme, Animation, Lip-Sync Synching Speech TTS Text to Speech.

       ae, ax, ah
       ey, eh, uh
       y, iy, ih, ix
       w, uw
       s, z
       sh, ch, jh, zh
       th, dh
       f, v
       d, t, n
       k, g, ng
       p, b, m
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