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help a newb write a script

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ok well im new to auto it.. so far ive been able to figure out simple mouse clicks and such.. but i have a program id like to write and i was wanting to get the assistance of some veterans. Heres what i want to do...

i want a mouse to click a certain spot. then move to another spot and click wait about 5-10 seconds and then click in a text box type thing and then type a random sentance.

First of all i want to have about 3 or 4 sentances that i can randomly have typed into the text box. im thinking for example it will require somthing like this..

get a random number between 1-4 if number is 1 apply sentance 1. seems fairly simple. and the mouse clicks are easy as well. can anyone help me get this code together?

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Look in the guide for While loops, the Random function, and arrays.

For example:

; I set the array up for 4 variables starting from 0, so [3] is my max
Dim $RandomString[4]

$RandomString[0] = "Sammich"
$RandomString[1] = "Pie"
$RandomString[2] = "Man Eater"
$RandomString[3] = "Cocoa"

; I call a random string like this, 0-3
Send($RandomString[Random(0, 3)])

That MIGHT not work, heh

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