Current Version: 4.-1.3 (beta) Hey all, These functions should allow basic control of your wireless card through an API. Version 4 officially supports from XP SP3 up to windows 7. It is a much larger project than version 3 and requires a few dependencies which are included in the download. Although version 4 is still under development, it currently covers all of the functionality of V3.3 and much more. Version 4 can be downloaded form sourceforge here. You can find the release notes for version 3.3 On sourceforge there is a tracker for bugs and feature requests for v4 but I am happy for everyone to keep using this thread as well. I always appreaciate feedback, and the more I get, the better the product - so if there is something that doesn't work, you don't like or think needs changing I'd like to know! Thanks, Matt The rest of this post relates to version 3.3... Requirements: OS XP SP3 or SP2 limited functionality on Vista / 7... Hotfixes XP SP2: XP SP3: - (not pushed out through WinUpdate!) Services Windows Zero Configuration (wzcsvc) Network Connections (netman) Quick Notes on Versions: -Version 3.3x- a and b. Fixes for 3.2, EAP Credetials can be set, Callback funtions interface aware, simple samples back in as well -Version 3.2x- a and b. EAP Intergration, code cleanup, PDF help, better samples, installer for scite intergration -Version 3.1x- a and b. Fixes for V3.0x. Added help as a seperate file and samples to the package -Version 3.0a- Added functions, Syntax change, stems memory leaks, Requires Network Connections (netman) service for some functions -Version 3.0b- as V3.0a but using V2 syntax -Version 2.2- Fixes for Version 2.1 -Version 2.1- Fixes for Version 2, added DllCall() error checking and fast. Still a couple of major bugs -Version 2- (original and various fixes in a few posts below) Code overhall, syntax change, Added a heap of functions, no DllCall() error checking and slow, Full of bugs -Version 1- (above in codebox) original code, reliable but no DllCall() error checking and slow All releases so far are steps to building a final comprehensive UDF - Please do not think of these versions as anything but "works in progress" A List of functions to date: _Wlan_Start Session()_Wlan_EndSession()_Wlan_OpenHandle()_Wlan_CloseHandle()_Wlan_SetGlobalConstants()_Wlan_Scan()_Wlan_GetAvailableNetworkList()_Wlan_Connect()_Wlan_Disconnect()_Wlan_ConnectWait()_Wlan_DisconnectWait()_Wlan_WaitForDisconnect()_Wlan_GetProfile()_Wlan_SetProfile()_Wlan_SetProfileUserData()_Wlan_GetProfileXML()_Wlan_SetProfileXML()_Wlan_SetProfileUserDataXML()_Wlan_DeleteProfile()_Wlan_GetProfileList()_Wlan_SetProfileList()_Wlan_SetProfilePosition()_Wlan_EnumInterfaces()_Wlan_QueryInterface()_Wlan_SetInterface()_Wlan_GenerateXMLProfile()_Wlan_GenerateXMLUserData()_Wlan_StringTopGUID()_Wlan_pGUIDToString() Konw Bugs: _Wlan_SetProfileUserDataXML doesn't work in wifi33a.au3 - Version a sample does not work - Cant create a profile if the key contains illegal XML characters - _Wlan_pGUIDToString does not return correctly in later versions of autoit. Functions using callbacks (the ones with Wait in their names) can cause a script to crash.