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How to get List of domains from a local computer

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Example from amel27

#include <Array.au3>

Global Const $SV_TYPE_WORKSTATION = 0x1
Global Const $SV_TYPE_SERVER = 0x2
Global Const $SV_TYPE_SQLSERVER = 0x4
Global Const $SV_TYPE_DOMAIN_CTRL = 0x8
Global Const $SV_TYPE_DOMAIN_BAKCTRL = 0x10
Global Const $SV_TYPE_TIME_SOURCE = 0x20
Global Const $SV_TYPE_AFP = 0x40
Global Const $SV_TYPE_NOVELL = 0x80
Global Const $SV_TYPE_DOMAIN_MEMBER = 0x100
Global Const $SV_TYPE_PRINTQ_SERVER = 0x200
Global Const $SV_TYPE_DIALIN_SERVER = 0x400
Global Const $SV_TYPE_XENIX_SERVER = 0x800
Global Const $SV_TYPE_NT = 0x1000
Global Const $SV_TYPE_WFW = 0x2000
Global Const $SV_TYPE_SERVER_MFPN = 0x4000
Global Const $SV_TYPE_SERVER_NT = 0x8000
Global Const $SV_TYPE_POTENTIAL_BROWSER = 0x10000
Global Const $SV_TYPE_BACKUP_BROWSER = 0x20000
Global Const $SV_TYPE_MASTER_BROWSER = 0x40000
Global Const $SV_TYPE_DOMAIN_MASTER = 0x80000
Global Const $SV_TYPE_WINDOWS = 0x400000
Global Const $SV_TYPE_CLUSTER_NT = 0x1000000
Global Const $SV_TYPE_TERMINALSERVER = 0x2000000
Global Const $SV_TYPE_CLUSTER_VS_NT  = 0x4000000
Global Const $SV_TYPE_LOCAL_LIST_ONLY = 0x40000000
Global Const $SV_TYPE_DOMAIN_ENUM = 0x80000000
Global Const $SV_TYPE_ALL = 0xFFFFFFFF

$aCompList = _NetServerEnum($SV_TYPE_DOMAIN_ENUM)


Func _NetServerEnum ($iSrvType = -1, $sDomain = '')
    Local $uBufPtr = DllStructCreate("ptr;int;int"), $res[1]=[0], $i
    Local $uRecord = DllStructCreate("dword;ptr"), $iRecLen = DllStructGetSize($uRecord)
    Local $uString = DllStructCreate("char[16]")
    Local $uDomain = DllStructCreate("byte[32]"), $pDomain = 0
    If Not ($sDomain='' Or $sDomain='*') Then
        DllStructSetData($uDomain, 1, StringToBinary($sDomain,2))
        $pDomain = DllStructGetPtr($uDomain)
    Local $ret = DllCall ("netapi32.dll", "int", "NetServerEnum", _
        "ptr", 0, "int", 100, _
        "ptr", DllStructGetPtr($uBufPtr,1), "int", -1, _
        "ptr", DllStructGetPtr($uBufPtr,2), _
        "ptr", DllStructGetPtr($uBufPtr,3), _
        "int", $iSrvType, "ptr", $pDomain, "int", 0 )
    If $ret[0] Then Return SetError(1, $ret[0], '')
    Local $res[DllStructGetData($uBufPtr,3)+1]=[DllStructGetData($uBufPtr,3)]
    For $i=1 To DllStructGetData($uBufPtr,3)
        Local $uRecord = DllStructCreate("dword;ptr", DllStructGetData($uBufPtr,1)+($i-1)*$iRecLen)
        Local $sNBName = DllStructCreate("byte[32]", DllStructGetData($uRecord,2))
        $res[$i] = DllStructGetData($uString,1)
    $ret = DllCall ("netapi32.dll", "int", "NetApiBufferFree", "ptr", DllStructGetData($uBufPtr,1))
    Return $res

AutoIt Scripts:NetPrinter - Network Printer UtilityRobocopyGUI - GUI interface for M$ robocopy command line
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