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Yet Another AutoIT Error Handler & Debugger.

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This is just a minor modification to the Wonderful AutoIT Error Handler & Debugger Script from Jenico & @MrCreator

The modifications are just as shown in my previous in-script errorhandler (again , jenico's script modified)

Jenico, i have been an amateur coder since a awhile, and i should thank all who have been, all who have contributed , used, developed the code . Because, my first advise to any amateur starters is first to make our code easier to read and comprehend - atleast for our own sake to debug a lot quicker.

i have personally saved hours of debugging time just by indenting the code , using proper comments whereever possible, etc . and as always, most end - user errors wont give u much information till you have a proper error trapping setup . and here it goes. i have been putting up an error handler (miniature function) in my codes earler to get error number , description etc. and this is wonderful piece of work.

for those who have been through the code, it might be a simple task but,IT WILL save a lot of time - very pleasing to the eyes, after all :-)

--<Edit V2.1.2 (11.6k) >

>Based on last version released by jenico includes hover control(actually didnt notice it initally i was working on the original file available on the first post )

>Also includes a template correction - Email has been sent changed to Functionality not available (just in case the developer forgets to assign EMail config data



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