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Where did AutoBuilder Go?!

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I was attempting to find a place to link to for the Download of AutoBuilder (By CyberSlug) and i see that the link at the bottom of CyberSlug's Posts is dead... :lmao:

Is there anywhere on the net that mirrors the zipfile? or should i put it on a personal site and link my friends there?

CyberSlug you are a genius and i love AutoBuilder!!! Please don't take it away...

The world is full of lazy coders that NEED the speed of design that AutoBuilder provides...

Is there a new version? a new project? if so can someone shoot me a link to the DL?

Thanks folks!

I have recently gotten into Au3 GUI's and love the hell out of it!

I want to Preach Au3 to alot of people i know and being Johhny-on-the-spot with DL links plays a big part in doing that well....



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I still get a 404 page when i click the link?



Is your profile not hosted right now?

it is a HUGE relief to hear that you don't mean to discontinue the project... i have been turning alot of people on to Au3 and just discovered your creation... the response i've been getting is going through the roof! I just want to keep up with the frenzy...

Thank you again!!!

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Herm.. :)

I get the 404 one the 3 machines i've checked from, but this is not to say i'm not screwing something up...

I can't seem to get it... i assume you can get it, so i am trying to figure out what my mistake is.... :lmao:

If you could post it elseware i would be very greatful (please o:) )

Thank you for the help (.....um.... again....)

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:) Thank You! :)

I can redistribute this! if the other link is dead for good i will try to post this where my peeps can grab it.... Thank you for your time and abillity!

You can't imagine how many people you have helped by releasing this for free!

:lmao: Props! o:)

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Don't work again error 404

Did you see the date of the post you replied to?

Look for Koda when you are looking for a GUI builder type program.


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