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Hi guys,i may post the full source code later on , i am trying to develop further on the small piece of work i have done..


  • A small Currency ticker, based on Yahoo! Finance Data.

Why did i do this?

  • wanna prove i have a little bit of brain (lol: )
  • wanted a currency ticker that would have a portable version
  • wanted a customisable ticker that is very resource friendly
  • wanted a way of monitoring bullion rates. (there is tooo little number of apps that do it now:( )

Please post some feedback, thanks a lot.

  • 15 apr - v - bugfix?? just noticed after user changed the currency pairs, it doesnt open the relevant webpage. now fixed..
  • 16 Apr - v - attachment now available as 4shared link
  • hmm 35 downloads already, thanks guys i am heftily working on this.
  • 03 Jun - havent had time to look into it much lately, but will resume work shortly. just came back here to post info its available on Softpedia now! thanks to autoit again.

YCurrencyTicker (released as

YCurrencyTicker.exe (released as - 4shared



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sorry some double post , something went wrong in my firefox earlier... i think post had already been submitted

<First Release 15 Apr 2009>


  • Resource friendly (millions of thaks to wOuter because i wont have spent too many hours on this script if i had no option to overcome ram consumption - i hate ram eating programs :-) )
  • doesnt have a taskbar button, thanks to this thread.
  • I was working for weeks on this , on any spare time i get, before i release it , i had to make it friendly to users who need other currencies. for the moment it shows QAR and INR as initial pair, u can set them to be changed to choose from a few listed in there.
  • its a portable application.
  • can be minimised to run from tray
  • opens the currency page on yahoo finance in case u want to check historical data, etc.
  • uses last available data if u dont have internet connection at the given point of time (anyways thats the first data available after the application started. - if u have no connection when app starts u wont see any data probably

Future plans:

  • i am trying to decide on a logo for my applications i would add the icon soooon.
  • i might release the source code soon.
  • Need to create a settings file so that user options are remembered viz., currencies (Most Important), desktop position, on top behaviour, previously retrieved data, etc
  • will soon increase the number of currency pairs
  • first of all, i am gonna include gold and silver bullion rates, coz most currency tickers out there, dont show you the precious metal market rates if u want to see...
  • need to consider how many copies of the application can run at a time. now any number can be run.
  • most important of all, i need to check with yahoo if this doesnt violate their data usage terms. anyways to avoid anyone thinking i have some special system, i have linked it to yahoo website and i have left a note saying its based on the yahoo finance data. lets see....
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