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_GUICtrlTreeView_SetFocused - How is represented the focus?

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The http://www.autoitscript.com/trac/autoit/ticket/948 doesn't explain to me how SetFocused is supposed to run.

I make difference between an item that is highlighted and an item that has focus.

If I take the example file, if one element is focused, when I push enter or space bar, the element is supposed to be highlighted. :)

If we take a look on treeview element, we can see 3 states :

1 - The element is highlighted

2 - The element is greyed

3 - The element is surrounded by a rectangle (For me, it's that state for the focused element)

So Gary, can you please explain to me where I'm wrong.

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Best Regards.Thierry

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In many graphic elements of autoit, the focused state is represented by a transparent rectangle on the element (You can see what I meen in the image for Item 01).

But with _GUICtrlTreeView_SetFocused, I can't see any representation.

Somebody could give me more explanations, or told me if I'm wrong.


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Best Regards.Thierry

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