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Help with Create/Write Log file

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Guest tamirousmc77

I have reviewed basic samples and the help file to do this. I am pretty new to autoit but I understand the logic and concepts. I also have some background with NT and VB scripting but it is limited. My main problem is I need to create a log file and write specific information to it. When I use the macros for time and date all I receive it the actual macro word (@MON). Also I plan on putting text found within a windowbox into a variable and writing that to a line in the log file. Anyone help out? This is something I need quick help with! :)

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Have you tried using:

_FileWriteLog( $sLogPath, $sLogMsg )

This adds the date and time for you at the beginning of the line.


Need to put #include <file.au3> at the beginning of your script to include this functionality.

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