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Guest ouderaa

bord issue

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Guest ouderaa

What's wrong with the forum settings ?

i get all repley's minimized in a seperate window.

is there an option to change it back so i get all repley's vissible in the main thread ?

There's allso a bug in the "lost password form"

i lost my account password and the "lost password form" does no send any emails to me !


Kind Regards



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Press options> Switch to: Standard to fix the replies (options is in the top right of the first post).

If you don't get any emails then you must have written it in wrong, check your settings. (press My Controls>Change Email Address)

Edited by AdmiralAlkex

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Guest ouderaa

Thanks AdmiralAlkex

The "Switch to Standard" did the trick :party:

But the "lost password form", i have to fill in my user name and my current email adress

When i do that no email is sent to me.

mybe the problem is that my registered email adress is different then my current one.

i want my old account back :)

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