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Whats Cuasing These Alerts On This Webpage..?

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When visiting this webpage "http://www.theprxe.info" if you click on any link that leads to another webpage you receive an IE

"Are you sure you want to navigate away from this page?" Alert Message Box..

So I want to know how I can disable, prevent or remove the code that's causing these annoying lil Alert Message Boxes..??

Also there seems to be some "IE ActiveX Exploit" in this page,

some file named "instal[1].exe" gets downloaded into your "IE Temp Files Folder" & then CMD.EXE Executes it..

So be careful when viewing this page in IE..!!!

Can anyone Spot the "IE ActiveX Exploit" code in this page, and would there be some way to 1st get the source of the WebPage then search through it to find all the bad codes that you want removed, then view safely edited page..??

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