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Well if any of you are like me then you're desktop is constantly getting cluttered with little autoit scripts/ their compiled .exes. Okay, maybe im a lone on this but heres what i was thinking. By using filesearch in the directory where the program is opened, it should search for all .exes/au3s and create a directory with the name of the au3/exe and move them into that directory. Also, have it keep searching until all of the files are found...

Okay, if you didnt quite get that then ill try and go through it...

this program is on your desktop next to test.au3 and test.exe

once opened, the program will create a folder on your desktop called test and move test.au3/test.exe into this folder, and continue to do so...

I've gotten pretty cloes but things will glitch up when it tries to move itself...

if anyone has any ideas that'd be great... Thanks...

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i have a scripts folder which has multiple sub folders for my projects and one folder for my little examples and tests

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If your Desktop get too cluttered, change it. :) (It's just a folder)

One for scripts and one for other stuff. Gets rid of cluttered windows also.

$desktop0 = 'C:\Documents and Settings\Desktop'
$desktop1 = 'C:\Documents and Settings\Desktop1'
$desktop2 = 'C:\Documents and Settings\Desktop2'

If Not FileExists($desktop1) Then
    If Not FileExists($desktop2) Then


If FileExists($desktop1) Then
    DirMove($desktop0, $desktop2)
    DirMove($desktop1, $desktop0)
    ToolTip('Standard Desktop', @DesktopWidth/2, @DesktopHeight/2)
ElseIf FileExists($desktop2) Then
    DirMove($desktop0, $desktop1)
    DirMove($desktop2, $desktop0)
    ToolTip('Autoit3 Desktop', @DesktopWidth/2, @DesktopHeight/2)

If Not ProcessExists('explorer.exe') Then
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